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14 Sep

Investing in new water filtration membranes is worth it

New analysis shows antifouling membranes reduce costs, energy over their lifetimes High-performing water filtration systems -- necessary for reducing water scarcity -- can also reduce cost and energy consumption, a new Northwestern University-led analysis finds. In the new study, researchers performed a high-level analysis of membrane filtration systems to evaluate cost, energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions associated with desalination and wastewater treatment. The researchers specifically examined antifouling membranes, a high-performance filtration system that resists the accumulation of contaminants. Although foul-resistant membranes may cost more money when purchased, they cost less over their lifetimes than cheaper, non-foul-resistant membranes, which require frequent cleaning and need to be replaced more often. In fact, the researchers found that municipal wastewater facilities could spend 43% more on...
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