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1 Oct

No environmental justice, no positive peace — and vice versa

Peace and environmental sustainability -- two lofty but vital goals for all countries -- are known to be intrinsically related, according to Dahlia Simangan, associate professor at the Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences at Hiroshima University. However, researchers still tend to investigate them separately, and, when they are viewed together, it is often with broad strokes, with little examination into the nuances of either peace or environmental sustainability. Parsing out the specifics of these categories could provide insights into what specific elements of peace influence what specific elements of environmental sustainability, and vice versa, which could then better inform policy and decision making. A team of researchers from Hiroshima University that includes Simangan has explored the nuances and found...
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14 Sep

Environmental scientists develop a method to turn hazardous acidic industrial wastewater into valuable resources

A research team of Ben-Gurion University of the Negev environmental scientists has developed a circular process for eliminating the risk posed by phosphoric acid plant wastewater. The process turns the environmentally toxic wastewater into clean water while recovering valuable acids. Phosphoric acid is the main ingredient in industrial fertilizers, a massive industry worldwide. Their method was just published in ACS Sustainable Chemistry and Engineering, a journal published by the American Chemical Society. Lior Monat, a PhD student in Dr. Oded Nir's lab led the research under his supervision. "Phosphoric acid production generates a lot of industrial wastewater that cannot be treated efficiently because of its low pH and high precipitation potential," explains Dr. Oded Nir, the co-lead researcher, "Today, the wastewater is usually...
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