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30 Sep

New research can help electric utilities account for climate change

Researchers have devised a method to determine the impact of climate change on the supply and variability of local renewable energy. An increase in unusual weather patterns related to climate change means the demand for power and the availability of solar, hydro and wind energy can all become more variable. The method by researchers at the University of Alaska Fairbanks Geophysical Institute and in Spain will help local energy planners determine the optimal mix of renewable energy sources and energy storage needs. The research was published in August in the journal Land. Geophysical Institute atmospheric sciences professor Uma Bhatt is the lead author. "It is important for society to understand the impact of climate change and variability on renewable energy resources in order to design...
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12 Sep

High-accuracy electric vehicle battery monitoring with diamond quantum sensors for driving range extension

he issue of battery usage inefficiency in electric vehicles resulting from an inaccurate battery charge measurement may finally get resolved, thanks to a diamond quantum sensor prototype developed in the MEXT Q-LEAP Flagship project with researchers from Tokyo Tech and Yazaki Corporation. The sensor can measure currents in a wide range as well as detect milliampere-level currents in a noisy environment, improving the detection accuracy from 10% to within 1%. The popularity of electric vehicles (EVs) as an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional gasoline vehicles has been on the rise. This has led to research efforts directed towards developing high-efficiency EV batteries. But, a major inefficiency in EVs results from inaccurate estimations of the battery charge. The charge state of an...
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