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12 Sep

Fuel cells: Novel multi-proton carrier complex as efficient proton conductor at high temps

Researchers develop a highly symmetric ruthenium (III) complex with six imidazole-imidazolate groups for efficient high-temperature proton conduction in fuel cells. Fuel cells often fall short when it comes to operating at temperatures beyond 100 ֯C owing to their dependence on water as a proton conduction medium. To overcome this issue, a team of researchers from Japan designed a new hydrogen-bonded starburst-shaped metal complex consisting of ruthenium (III) ion and six imidazole-imidazolate groups. The resulting single molecular crystal shows excellent proton conductivity even at temperatures as high as 180°C and as low as -70 °C. As the world is moving towards more environment-friendly and sustainable sources of energy, fuel cells are receiving a lot of attention. The main advantage of fuel cells is...
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