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1 Oct

Trees get overheated in a warmer rainforest

The ability of rainforests to store carbon can decrease in pace with climate change. This is due to photosynthesis rates in the leaves of rainforest species falling at higher temperatures and the trees' natural cooling systems failing during droughts. Increased heat threatens especially the species that store most carbon. This has been shown in a new thesis from the University of Gothenburg. Some species of trees are able to handle rising heat in the tropics by sucking up large quantities of water to their leaves and transpiring through wide-opened pores in their leaves. These are mainly fast-growing trees that establish themselves early as a rainforest grows up. The same cannot be said for the trees that make up the canopy of...
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14 Sep

New method to promote biofilm formation and increase efficiency of biocatalysis

Birmingham scientists have revealed a new method to increase efficiency in biocatalysis, in a paper published today in Materials Horizons. Biocatalysis uses enzymes, cells or microbes to catalyse chemical reactions, and is used in settings such as the food and chemical industries to make products that are not accessible by chemical synthesis. It can produce pharmaceuticals, fine chemicals, or food ingredients on an industrial scale. However a major challenge in biocatalysis is that the most commonly used microbes, such as probiotics and non-pathogenic strains of Escherichia coli, are not necessarily good at forming biofilms, the growth promoting ecosystems that form a protective micro-environment around communities of microbes and increase their resilience and so boost productivity. This problem is normally solved by genetic engineering, but researchers...
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13 Sep

Surprise finding suggests ‘water worlds’ are more common than we thought

Analysis finds evidence for many exoplanets made of water and rock around small stars Water is the one thing all life on Earth needs, and the cycle of rain to river to ocean to rain is an essential part of what keeps our planet's climate stable and hospitable. When scientists talk about where to search for signs of life throughout the galaxy, planets with water are always at the top of the list. A new study suggests that many more planets may have large amounts of water than previously thought -- as much as half water and half rock. The catch? All that water is probably embedded in the rock, rather than flowing as oceans or rivers on the surface. "It was a...
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11 Sep

Mars model provides method for landing humans on Red Planet

A mathematical model developed by space medicine experts from The Australian National University (ANU) could be used to predict whether an astronaut can safely travel to Mars and fulfil their mission duties upon stepping foot on the Red Planet. The ANU team simulated the impact of prolonged exposure to zero gravity on the cardiovascular system to determine whether the human body can tolerate Mars' gravitational forces -- which aren't as strong as on Earth -- without fainting or suffering a medical emergency when stepping out of a spacecraft. The model could be used to assess the impact of short and long duration space flight on the body and could serve as another important piece of the puzzle in helping land humans on...
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29 Aug

The Morning Reads teams up with East Delta University Business Club

The agreement between The Morning Reads (TMR) and the East Delta University Business Club states that TMR will serve as a knowledge partner under the terms of the aforementioned agreement. As part of TMR's dedication to the measures they have undertaken to further their corporate social responsibility, the agreement stipulates that TMR will provide corporate training and grooming sessions for the club's members. In order to better prepare students of the East Delta University Business Club for life in the business world, the platform known as TMR Edge will work to expand the students' intellectual ability and provide them with exposure to various industries. ...
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